Recently, I’ve been approached by many individuals asking me why they don’t see any results in obtaining their goals. Therefore I would like to share my one universal secret (it’s not a secret whatsoever) in why so many individuals don’t get what they truly want.

Excuses ARE NOT Reasons

In my past year of self-development I have come a far way in getting rid of the habitual default to making excuses. It’s something that we ALL do on a DAILY basis. The worst part of all is that most of us start to believe in our excuses and convince ourselves that they are “reasons” rather than truly what they are, EXCUSES. Like I said, I have been a victim to my own mindset of it for countless years and it wasn’t until a little over a year ago that I finally took a stand and proved to myself that I in-fact was capable of reaching all my goals.

So what finally did it for me? There are a number of true reasons why I stopped making excuses and started to make a change. However, the number one reason is simply because I don’t want to be just like everybody else out there. I’m tired of constantly being lied to (when someone makes an excuse to me) and worst of all I’m incredibly tired of seeing people lie to themselves (when someone believes their excuse is an actual reason). There just is no room for complaining and whining in my book anymore cause it leads to no-where. That’s why I took a stand and told myself no more of this it’s someone else’s fault mindset.

You are your biggest obstacle

One of the most powerful quotes I have ever read and heard was: “Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” - (Think and Grow Rich) by Napoleon Hill

Can we just take a moment to dissect this truly empowering and straight to the point quote. Think about it! Everyday we and the rest of the human civilization comes up with excuses for why we cannot obtain wealth, or better fitness, or working that dream job, or finding the love of our life, etc. However, when we take our hand and point the finger back at ourselves, it starts to become a little more clear where the true reasoning for why we don’t achieve these things comes from. We are our biggest obstacle and at the same time our biggest light of hope for anything and everything. Still don’t believe me or think i’m just bullshitting you? Then read my personal life experience below:

How I’ve started to master the act of becoming “Unstoppable”

Before I started Hooked on Hockey Magazine over 9 months ago in December 2011 I was already going through a major mindset shift. I knew going into the journey of becoming a true full-time entrepreneur was going to be the biggest challenge of my life. However something I didn’t know was just how hard the entrepreneurial roll-coaster would get at times. I was in a relationship with an amazing young lady when I first launched. Balancing both my personal life, my passion-driven work towards HOHM, and my relationship started off as a piece of cake. Until it finally reached the point where I couldn’t lie to myself anymore – I needed to cut down and prioritize what was more important to me – relationship(s) or my passion-driven and very likely potential future career. In the end I think the obvious choice won out and I am incredibly thankful that this young lady is still a major part in my life and has kept the same enthusiasm and support for me since day 1 even though we are no longer together. However the pain of sacrificing something that essential to human needs (LOVE) never comes easy no matter what the rewards may be in the end. The way I look at it now is that it has made me more passionate and determined to achieve exactly what I want so that one day I never have to worry about such a situation ever again.

Something also inspiring to point out that my lovely ex-girlfriend pointed out was that this is THE WORST IT WILL EVER GET/BE. An amazing push when you think and ponder about it deeply. If I constantly push myself nonstop and work at obtaining my goals while creating more along the way – then yes the future only holds greater and far better opportunities full of true happiness.


We have finally come to the part of this post that you have all been waiting for in having me share my one universal secret. That not so much secret is the blatant obvious. In order to achieve anything you have ever wanted, you can simply not take any days off. Yes, that is the true key to success. The moment you relax and become lazy or comfortable not putting in the work you personally know needs to be put in, is the moment you have literally just given up and thrown in the towel. With HOHM I have put in countless hours every single day whether it’s me sitting glued to my laptop screen or with a pen and piece of paper in my hand. Sometimes I will even lay in bed thinking about ideas and with my luck and great memory a lot of these ideas stick. Sometimes I’ll quickly jot things down on a white board or on my hand or napkin. No matter what day it is; every single day needs to have productivity for progress to be made. Like you read above, my sacrifice of my best ever relationship will not go to waste or leave me empty handed. I use it as a constant reminder that I have to only work harder if I want to get somewhere and that the only person or thing stopping me, is me.

In 9 short months I have grown HOHM out to a 30+ contributor team. In that same span I view HOHM only passing the 5 mile marker in a traditional 26.2 mile marathon. There is a long and very gradual climb for the success of this publication and brand to go. However just jumping in and letting my passion be my #1 motivator has not only rewarded me but it too has encouraged me day in and day out. Along the way I to0 have gotten other goals checked off such as getting myself back into shape (Went from 222lbs to 175lbs in under a year), improving my overall-hockey game and playing in competitive leagues again, reading much more, eating healthier, being more environmentally aware and pro-active about it, and so on.

I used to live a life of excuses like we all daily do but that old me has come and gone. Now I hope whomever you are reading this too can join me in throwing away all the excuses such as these below (in the video) and join me in a far better and greater mindset of success.

Like always I encourage comments below in regards to this topic and will be more than happy to comment back. Let’s kick out excuses and start making a true change for ourselves TODAY!

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