I Support

I have been a volunteer Social Media Manager for Venturing Out, Inc. since March 2011. I strongly believe in their great cause and have donated many times to them because of my strong passion in the mission.


Venturing Out, Inc., a Massachusetts non-profit corporation, teaches entrepreneurship to incarcerated and court-involved adults and high-risk youth. Venturing Out’s core offering is Entrepreneurship 101 (E101), a three-month, comprehensive course on entrepreneurship and self-employment, taught to adults just before their release from prison. Venturing Out’s goal is to teach men and women who are re-entering society the skills they need to launch and run viable micro-enterprises or become self-sufficient through self-employment. In this way, Venturing Out aims to reduce recidivism as men and women who able to provide for themselves and their families are less likely to re-offend, will pay taxes rather than burden taxpayers, and are positive role models within their communities. Venturing Out teaches a modified youth program to high-risk young adults.

Website: VenturingOut.org Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/venturingout